3 steps to Protect, Restructure and Reinforce your finances in challenging times

If there are times when you feel overwhelmed by unwelcome changes in your life (facing redundancy, losing a loved one, separation or divorce…), then read on… strengthening your financial resilience may be the key to surviving, and even thriving, through personal or professional challenges.

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When suffering a setback in personal or professional circumstances, the initial reaction is to look back and ask “WHY?” during sleepless nights, with no answer…  Looking to the future and asking “HOW?” is the key to your resilience; there are indeed ideal solutions for you, we can help you find them, so that the silver lining will soon reveal itself through cloudy skies.

As the old adage goes, “the way to climb a mountain is one step at a time”; work with an expert to take into account your age, family situation, potential relocation and professional projects, so that your financial resilience action plan can be implemented, step-by-step.

1- Short term: how to protect your finances

It is imperative, before your work contract changes or ends, to spend time with a wealth-planning expert; in Switzerland, whilst the modalities are complex, you may, for example, have an opportunity to reduce your taxes by transferring funds directly to your pension savings.  Revitalise your serenity by mastering the timing of each step in your transition.

2- Medium-term: how to restructure your finances

It will be necessary to revisit the structure of your finances.  Should you decide to stop working or relocate to a different country, you will need support for important decisions concerning your Swiss 2nd and 3rd pillar retirement savings.  If you decide to take early retirement, you must ensure that your assets work to support your lifestyle; for advice on this, and on any loans in place, our financial experts will help you to reorganise your life projects.

3- Long-term: how to reinforce your finances

The American poet Theodore Roethke once wrote, “Over every mountain, there is a path, although it may not be seen from the valley”.  Current financial markets are particularly volatile so you will need to ensure that your investments are protected.  Our teams will help you through expert investment advice combined with a personalised financial plan; the account structure will offer sufficient liquidity for your spending in the next five years, a comfortable financial mattress for the medium term, and a sound financial infrastructure invested for your future needs.

In challenging times you will be pushed out of your comfort zone in the search for solutions, so instead of wondering “WHY?”, ask yourself “HOW?”.  As the famous mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary once said, “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves”; at Piguet Galland, we are here to guide you from the deepest valley, to reach mountain summits of new achievements and serenity through financial resilience.

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