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Data protection

a. General information

All data you provide will be used in accordance with the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP). By voluntarily sending us personal data (name, email address, etc.) through our Site, such as via our contact form, you authorize us to use the data for the purposes indicated when the data were entered, for purposes relating to their transmission, for administrative or client relationship purposes, and for the purposes of marketing and targeted advertising.
Data sent via the internet can be accessed by unauthorized third parties. In addition, the data may be transmitted across international borders even if the sender and the recipient reside in the same country. Data are transmitted in the form of separate coded packets, but the details of the sender and the recipient are not encrypted. Third parties could therefore access this information and become aware of contact between you and Piguet Galland.
Piguet Galland reserves the right to pass on personal data to external service providers, while ensuring that such providers use the data in accordance with the FADP. Piguet Galland may be required to transmit personal data to third parties to comply with the law or with administrative or judicial decisions.
Within Piguet Galland, personal data are transmitted and stored for a limited time. Appropriate security measures are taken to prevent third parties from accessing this information.
The confidentiality and security of email communications cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, Piguet Galland does not, in principle, accept any orders for banking transactions (account opening, payment order, stock exchange order, etc.) transmitted by email.

b. Policy concerning cookies
Policy concerning cookies
Piguet Galland uses cookies to collect data on how you use the Site.
What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small, often coded, text file that is placed on your computer or device the first time you visit a website. The data stored in the cookie are then sent back to the website each time you subsequently visit that website. Cookies make web browsing easier because they allow a website to recognize a particular computer or device.
When you use this Site, the following data may be saved and used for the aforementioned purposes: your browser type, number of pages viewed, path taken to navigate the site, time spent on a page or on the Site, and your IP address.
Types of cookies used
Piguet Galland uses various types of cookies. Some are needed for the Site to function properly, while others are optional. Refusing or blocking certain cookies may prevent the Site from working properly.
Why does BCV use cookies?
There are several reasons why cookies are placed on your computer when you visit the Site. Cookies make it possible to store your preferences and other information entered on the Site so that you don’t have to provide the same information each time you go to a new page. Cookies are also used for statistical purposes; by collecting data on how the Site, we can continuously improve it.
After you visit the Site, different types of cookies will be stored on your computer for different lengths of time. You can get information about how long individual cookies are stored from your browser.
Cookies used by BCV
Necessary cookies
Some cookies are used to ensure that information provided on the Site and through its online products and services is secure and optimal. The Site cannot function properly without these cookies.
Cookies to enhance the user experience
Other cookies are used to store your preferences, such as your choice of language and font size. These cookies are optional; they are designed to enhance your Site visit, by preventing you from having to enter the same information each time you switch to a new page.
Cookies for web analytics and statistics
The Site and some of its online products and services run third-party programs that use cookies for statistical purposes or to gauge the Site’s performance. This helps us improve our services and more effectively tailor the products and services we advertise.
Piguet Galland primarily uses the services of AT Internet, Google AdWords Conversion Tracking, Google Remarketing, and Google Maps (Google is a US-based company). AT Internet cookies are used to collect anonymous data about Site visits. Google AdWords Conversion Tracking lets us measure how clicks on Google Adwords lead to meaningful results. Google Remarketing lets us display targeted advertisements. Google Maps allows us to add maps to the Site.
As these cookies are optional, you can choose to restrict the data they collect without affecting how the Site functions.

How can I restrict or delete cookies?
You can restrict or block cookies that are not strictly necessary at any time by changing your browser settings. However, we cannot guarantee that the Site will function properly afterwards. Alternatively, you can delete the cookies on your hard drive by clearing your browsing history or browsing data; this option can generally be found under Tools or Preferences.

c. Agreement/refusal to have data collected and saved
By using this Site, you agree that data collected on the Site may be used in the manner described above. You can revoke your authorization at any time with future effect.


The Piguet Galland & Cie SA website (the "Site") describes the activities of Piguet Galland & Cie SA in Switzerland. Piguet Galland & Cie SA does not offer its services outside of Switzerland, and the Site is meant solely for individuals and legal entities domiciled in Switzerland, along with existing clients of Piguet Galland & Cie SA.

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