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Pension plans are commonly the cornerstone of effective wealth structuring. Yet the many tax advantages they offer are often overlooked. Our experts will be sure to unlock the full potential of these plans in order to enhance your wealth.

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Le divorce : un impact plus négatif que le Brexit sur votre patrimoine
Piguet GallandPrévoyance The 09 October 2016

La dissolution du régime matrimonal affecte forcément le patrimoine des conjoints et nous essayons aussi d’anticiper ce genre d’évènements, en veillant par exemple à limiter la fiscalité induite par le partage des biens. Quand les performances des marchés sont moindres, nous continuons à exploiter toutes les opportunités que peut contenir les différents régimes de prévoyance.

Our proven expertise

Our pension solutions are designed with one thing in mind: how they fit into your wealth strategy. We can help you harness the full potential of Swiss “Pillar 2” and “Pillar 3” plans (i.e. occupational and personal retirement plans) with a view to growing and securing your wealth. Voluntary occupational pension plans and vested benefit accounts, for instance, can be used to better structure your wealth and make significant tax savings.

Turning your income into wealth

The strategic value of pension plans lies in their potential for moving some of your wealth into tax-protected vehicles. For example, voluntary occupational pension contributions can provide advantages over more traditional savings vehicles in terms of both tax reductions and higher after-tax yields.

A made-to-measure management approach

Under Swiss occupational pension law, you can have some control over how your pension assets are managed according to your particular situation. This is similar to how a conventional portfolio is managed. Over the long term, these vehicles can be used to help you strike the right balance between retirement savings, other savings and non-financial assets.

"A personalised approach to managing your pension assets can help you to effectively structure your wealth and fine-tune your asset allocation. By making voluntary occupational pension contributions, for instance, you can reduce your tax bill and increase your retirement savings at the same time."
Pablo Astengo, Wealth planning advisor

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