What's your idea of happiness?

Life goal
I am
with my partner
  • with my partner
  • single
  • separated
  • married
  • divorced
  • widowed
a business owner
  • a business owner
  • an employee
  • a senior manager
  • self-employed
  • not working
  • retired
  • business owner
  • retraité-e
and I would like to
plan my estate
  • plan my estate
  • take a year off
  • take early retirement
  • make sure my loved ones are financially secure
  • buy or sell a property
  • reduce my tax bill
  • relocate
  • start over
  • start my business

At Piguet Galland, our goal is to help you achieve yours.

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Equity certificates The 09 March 2018

Smart Cities : equity certificate

In recent years, the concept of smart cities has really taken off. This is primarily due to large-scale urbanisation, which raises numerous challenges in terms of sustainable development and quality of life. It will generate interesting investment opportunities. Christina Carlsten tells us more.

We're with you every step of the way

Helping you achieve your goals



We will start by sitting down with you to discuss and analyse your situation, your needs and your goals in life.



Together we will define your objectives and come up with the right strategy to achieve them.



We will implement that strategy through solutions that are fully tailored to your needs.



As your financial and personal situation evolves, we will update your strategy accordingly.

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Our teams move to our new Pléiades building in Geneva.


BCV Group buys Banque Franck, Galland & Cie SA.


Banque Franck acquires Banque Galland in Lausanne and becomes Franck, Galland & Cie SA.


Banque Cantonale Vaudoise takes a majority stake in Banque Piguet & Cie, which is then incorporated.

Mobilier conçu dans les années 30 et dessiné par Franck Lloyd Wright

Alain Franck fonde la Banque Franck à Genève.

Banque Galland

Alfred Galland founds Galland & Landis in Lausanne.

Banque Piguet

Alfred Piguet marries Louis Michod's daughter, and Banque Michod becomes Banque Alfred Piguet & Cie.


Banque Michod, the first private bank in Yverdon-les-Bains, is founded.

Piguet Galland
private bankers since 1856

Piguet Galland was created from the merger of two longstanding private banks. As part of BCV Group, we are able to draw on the expertise of a large banking group.

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Our services

Wealth advisory

We take an integrated 360° approach to managing and optimising your wealth, one that places particular emphasis on tax and financial planning.

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Our investment solutions are geared first towards capital preservation and then towards generating a return.

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We offer short-, medium- and long-term mortgage loans secured against a primary or secondary residence in Switzerland. We also offer Lombard loans.

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Pension planning

Pension plans are commonly the cornerstone of effective wealth structuring. Yet the many tax advantages they offer are often overlooked. Our experts will be sure to unlock the full potential of these plans in order to enhance your wealth.

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