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At Piguet Galland our aim is to help our clients achieve their goals

Your private bank

We start by sitting down with you and taking a long look at your personal and professional situation and the objectives you’ve set for yourself going forward. This will serve as the basis for all our advice.

Then, we analyze the following dimensions in depth:

  • Your overall wealth
  • Your occupational and personal pension situation
  • Your financial liabilities

During this detailed analysis, we bring to bear:

  • Our legal and tax expertise
  • Our experience in financial planning
  • Our investment know-how

The result? You will benefit from practical solutions that offer more than just the standard payout on your assets. Instead, we consider the big picture – your big picture – to ensure that your wealth dovetails with your objectives.

This is how we help our clients achieve their goals.

You’re richer than you think


Your situation

Your personal and professional situation will determine which wealth management decisions are right for you.

Together, we will go over everything that has an impact on your situation to ensure that we fully understand your needs and can structure your wealth accordingly.

As time passes, and your circumstances change, we’ll keep in step, evolving our approach along with you.

For us, it’s about more than just managing your money. It’s about seeing every stage in your life as an opportunity to create value for you.

A 360° approach to your wealth

Your wealth is more than just a collection of financial assets deposited with us or elsewhere.

Your family home, and any other real estate you may own, for instance, are also key aspects to take into consideration, as are your occupational and personal pension savings.

Assets like these are at the heart of the long-term development of your wealth, because they can generate tax savings and returns going forward.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a corporate executive or the person in charge of your family’s wealth, we can work with you to develop a holistic, 360° plan to make the most of all your assets.

Your goals

Your money has value because of whta it can do for you - and what you can do with it.

Are you looking to ensure that your children get a good start in life?

Do want to renovate your country home? Or perhaps sell your business? Or even become active in philanthropic causes?

Whatever your objectives and ambitions, we can help. We will work with you to define realistic goals.Then, we’ll develop practical, concrete solutions that are in keeping with your financial and personal situation.

What do you want your money to do for you?

Realizing your wealth’s potential – and your own

Having a full understanding of your situation helps us to help you achieve your goals.

We start by considering your personal and professional situation from all angles. We then use this as the basis for an analysis of all your wealth, identifying life goals that are important to you and factoring them into our thinking.

These three pillars – a full understanding of your situation, a deep analysis of your wealth, and an appreciation for your key objectives in life – are the foundation on which we develop tailor-made solutions that will help you realize your wealth’s potential – and your own.

Happiness is realizing your ambitions

Your life projects

Achieve your goals and get the most out of life

1. Contribuer à la pleine réalisation de vos projets de vie

So you’ve managed to build up considerable wealth. Now you’re wondering how it should be structured, so that you and yours can get the most out of your assets throughout your retirement.

Would your children like to study overseas? What’s the best way to finance their studies?
Have you built up a successful company? How will you get the most of out all of your efforts going forward?

If so, have you thought about how you will finance your acquisition? If you opt for a mortgage, obtaining a low interest rate on your loan is of course important, but it’s also essential to take into account any potential rise in interest rates. We can help you analyze all the options.

We’ll put our considerable expertise in retirement planning, financial planning and tax optimization to work for you, analyzing your situation from all angles and helping you achieve your goals.

We will help you plan ahead, making sure you are well prepared for any event that may have a major impact on your financial situation and offering solutions that are tailored to both your current and your future needs.

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Helping your children get a good start in life

2. Assurer l'avenir de mes enfants

When you have a child, your priorities change. So the structure of your wealth should too.

If you’d like to help your children get off to a solid start in life, with some capital available to them as they reach adulthood, you’ll need a plan – and that’s where we can help.

We will guide you through the various ways of building up a nest-egg and help you make the best choices.

We can also help you pass your wealth on to the next generation, taking account of both your situation and theirs in order to make the most astute long-term plans.

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Buying a home – or expanding your property portfolio

3. Constituer un patrimoine immobilier

Are you looking to purchase property? If so, have you thought about how you will finance your acquisition? If you opt for a mortgage, obtaining a low interest rate on your loan is of course important, but it’s also essential to take into account any potential rise in interest rates. We can help you analyze all the options.

Would you like to know that your family’s home will be passed onto your children no matter what happens to you? Or would you like to transfer your property to your children now so that you can rest easy?

We can walk you through all the options available for both building up and passing on your assets. We can design financing solutions that will keep your overall financial situation in balance. Real estate investments have risks; we can help you mitigate them by ensuring that your financing option leaves you with a security buffer, both in terms of your expenses and the size of your loan.

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Setting up in Switzerland or elsewhere – with financial peace of mind

4. Gérer son parcours international

Has your career taken an international turn? Are your assets spread over more than one country? Are you taking full advantage of all the different tax benefits? Are you aware of the tax implications of passing down your assets when those assets are distributed across several national jurisdictions? We can help you sort through these knotty issues and define an optimal solution.

Or perhaps you’re planning to retire somewhere warm and sunny? Here again, your assets and overall financial situation might be impacted in ways you haven’t fully considered.

For this sort of situation, we can bring to bear our expertise in international financial, tax and administrative issues in order to design an optimal solution for managing your finances and growing your wealth without restricting your movements. To take but one example, we can factor local tax law into your investment and financial planning choices, to ensure you’re happy with the results down the line – wherever you may be.

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Orchestrating your finances – as a duet

5. Orchestrer le patrimoine commun

Vous envisagez à terme de vous marier.

Are you thinking of getting married? Several legal options exist in Switzerland regarding a couple’s financial arrangements. We can help you decide which one is best for you, taking into account both the structure of your assets and the tax implications of the various possible arrangements.

To ensure your spouse is maximally protected, no matter what happens to you, we can help you define and implement the necessary measures.

And should you decide to acquire property together, we can recommend a financing solution that won’t have too much of an impact on your household finances.

Our in-depth knowledge of the financial, legal and practical implications of the various marriage arrangements available under Swiss law means we can guide you through the choices you’ll be making – and ensure you make the best ones for your family’s long-term overall financial well-being.

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Measuring the financial consequences of going your separate ways

6. Préserver le patrimoine en cas de séparation

Are you considering a divorce? Then it’s time to think about the main financial and other obligations you’ll have towards your spouse and children.

Or perhaps you and your partner would just like to be aware of the potential financial consequences of any separation that might occur down the line.

We can help assess the various scenarios based on the different marriage arrangements available under Swiss law. And following a separation, we can work with you to devise a plan to rebuild your personal wealth and assess the resources available to you to cover any shortfalls in your pension planning subsequent to the divorce settlement.

Whether a divorce is settled amicably or after a long legal battle, it always has financial consequences. We can help you minimize them. In particular, we can determine ways to limit the tax consequences of the division of assets. Our specialists can also provide advice on what measures you can take upstream to prevent any excessively negative financial impacts in the event of a separation.

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Keeping up your standard of living during retirement

7. Profiter pleinement de la retraite

It’ll soon be time to retire. Would it be better for you to take your benefits as a lump sum payout or as an annuity? We can analyze the situation and help you make the best choice.

Or perhaps you’ve hit 50 and want to start optimizing your retirement assets. Here, we can help you identify possibilities you may have overlooked. For instance, did you know that under Swiss law, you can roll certain yield-generating investment vehicles into your personal retirement plan, and thereby shelter them from tax? We can help you set up this sort of structure.

Or maybe you’re looking to sell the business you’ve spent your career building up. We can help you take the measure of the tax consequences of such a move, including those related to capital gains on the selling price.

We can put our in-depth experience and expertise in financial planning to work for you, thereby ensuring peace of mind as you head into retirement. Our experts pay particular attention to the various voluntary retirement plans available and strive to strike a balance between providing regular income streams throughout retirement, on one hand, and keeping long-term reserve capital intact, on the other.

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Peace of mind: knowing that your assets will be protected and passed along as you wish

8. Transmettre votre patrimoine dans les meilleures conditions

Are you thinking about your estate, and who it will be passed on to? Are there some parts of your estate you want to protect, unaltered, through subsequent generations?

Would you like to get all that sorted out well in advance? We can help you find your way through the complex Swiss legal terrain in these matters. We can also help with questions like how to pass assets down to your children while also ensuring, via usufructuary clauses in the will, that your surviving spouse has adequate income.

We have long experience in estate management, a subject that can sometimes be fraught with conflict. Our specialists can walk you through the complexities of Swiss estate law. With you, they will design solutions for transferring your wealth to the people and entities of your choice.

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Starting a business and making it last

9. Lancer votre entreprise et l'installer durablement

Has the time come to become your own boss? Founding a company is a big move, one that can impact not just your monthly income, but also your tax status and overall wealth.

Decisions like how the company will pay you should be carefully considered from all angles. Should you pay out a regular dividend, or privilege a higher monthly salary?

And what about the company premises? Should you finance the real-estate purchase in your own name or that of the firm?

Here, our seasoned specialists can help. They work with business owners from the start-up phase all the way through to succession planning or a sale and beyond, with a strong focus on ensuring that the way your business is structured is perfectly in line with the overall structure of your assets. This goes beyond considering how you’ll be paid, and covers all the economic, legal and tax dimensions of founding and owning a business.

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Creating value for your company

10. Optimiser l'outil professionnel

Are you thinking about how to incentivise talent and initiative among your employees? There are various ways of doing this, and we can help you sort through them.

We can also help you determine an optimal tax strategy, or set up an employee pension plan that accurately factors in salary levels and years of service.

We can help you to develop your company to its full potential. We’ll find ways to generate tax savings and strengthen the company’s overall financial position, with a particular focus on pensions and other financial protection plans. For example, we’ll show you how to astutely leverage Swiss “Pillar 2” and “Pillar 3” pension plans (i.e. occupational and personal pension plans, respectively). This will make both you and your company financially stronger over the long term.

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Selling your business and consolidating your finances for retirement

11. Assurer la transmission de votre entreprise

Are you thinking about selling your business? Then you should also be thinking about how to ensure you’re in an optimal financial position for retirement. We can help you consider the ways in which your revenue streams can be tax-optimised now, before you sell, to minimise tax bills later.

We can also work with you to determine what valuation models apply best to your type of business as you negotiate a selling price with potential buyers.

And if your entrepreneurial spirit will still need an outlet after you’ve sold your own firm, we can explore private equity options with you.

Selling your business is more complicated than you might think – and the financial risks of insufficient planning well upstream of the sale can be considerable. Our specialists ensure that all the angles are covered and can help you put in place a plan to ensure that the company’s taxable assets are minimised and income streams are optimised for retirement.

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Share your success via philanthropy

11. Réussir la transmission de l'entreprise

Vous souhaitez que des œuvres caritatives ou philanthropiques profitent aussi du patrimoine que vous avez acquis. Quels sont les différents critères que vous devez considérer avant de vous engager dans un projet ?

Are you interested in putting your assets to work for worthy causes? If so, it’s important to have a solid set of criteria for selecting the projects you wish to support.

You may be looking to make a large impact while also ensuring sustainability going forward. Or you may want to have some control over the way your contributions are used and how they are managed. We can put our deep experience in these matters to work for you.

And if you’re considering creating a foundation of your own, we can help you structure your assets to cover your own needs, those you intend to name in your will, and your philanthropic objectives.

Philanthropy is first and foremost an ethical and profoundly human concern. But it has financial and tax aspects as well. We can ensure that these are dealt with capably, and that the financial structures put in place, the organisation’s mission statements and its investment monitoring are managed in such a way that your philanthropic projects truly come to fruition.

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Our unique value proposition

The Piguet Galland approach

We will help you build up and structure your wealth, so that you’re prepared and confident through life’s twists and turns. To do this, we take an integrated 360° approach that places particular emphasis on tax and financial planning and goes far beyond simply managing your invested assets.

This cross-disciplinary approach encompasses all the dimensions of your wealth, from real estate, to pension plans, to holdings in a small business, to stock-market positions, to art. We factor it all in as we analyse risk, return, tax implications, liquidity, etc. By knowing all the ins and outs of your financial situation, we can develop a strategic wealth plan that is truly customised to it.

Our partnership together will be built on trust. We will be there to listen to your needs, having an on-going conversation with you about your current situation and needs, as well as your evolving long-term hopes and objectives. And in all of this, what’s our ultimate goal? Helping you reach yours.

Crafting solutions that work for you

Our service and product offering


Our investment solutions are geared first and foremost towards capital preservation. However, we have also consistently generated very good returns for our clients, thanks to the analytical tools, investment processes and asset allocation strategies we have fine-tuned over many years. When we apply these investment strategies and models to your portfolio, we will completely customise them in order to optimise your assets as a function of your unique situation.

We can also design bespoke investment solutions for more complex portfolios. Here, the focus is on portfolio structuring and dynamic risk management. We also fully unlock the savings potential of Swiss “Pillar 2” and “Pillar 3” plans (i.e. occupational and personal retirement plans). For example, voluntary occupational pension contributions can provide advantages over more traditional savings vehicles in terms of both tax reductions and higher after-tax yields.

Personal retirement savings plans

Retirement savings plans are one of the key dimensions of effective wealth structuring.
The strategic value of these vehicles lies in their potential for moving some of your wealth into tax-protected asset categories, namely the category of “personal retirement plans”.

We take this into account as we work with you to determine optimal wealth structuring through significant tax savings.


We offer our clients mortgage loans as well as short-, medium- and long-term Lombard loans, secured against a residential property in Switzerland. The property used as collateral may be your main residence or a second home. As part of our 360° approach to your financial needs, we also finance residential rental properties.

We will sit down with you to consider the best financing solution in light of the tax and financial impacts it will have on the overall structure of your wealth. There are many factors to consider and analyse. Is an all-cash transaction the most astute choice? A mortgage? We can help you sort through the complexities and define an optimal long-term solution.

Other services

Our approach is integrated, our perspective 3600. Accordingly, we take pride in addressing any need you might have relating to your overall financial situation. This goes beyond managing your investment portfolio and offering retirement planning solutions and long-term financial planning: we can also address your needs in the areas of philanthropy, international wealth management, real estate and consulting regarding your business.

By addressing the entire range of requirements you might have relating to your wealth, we ensure that there are no loose ends. Our integrated 360° approach demands no less – and leaves you free to focus on your life projects and ambitions.

Our expertise and savoir-faire are geared to three types of clients

Our clients

Private clients

Piguet Galland is a locally focused private bank based in French-speaking Switzerland. Over the years, we have developed a broad array of services and solutions for our clientele. These solutions are specifically geared to optimising their wealth with regard to the municipal, cantonal and federal legal and fiscal frameworks in Switzerland.

Our clients’ expectations are high. They’re financially sophisticated, and expect clear, transparent reporting and a high degree of control over the management of their assets. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. We enjoy being tested – so try us out. We’re happy to have both our service quality and investment performance evaluated.

Institutional clients

We’ve been managing assets for pension funds, insurance companies, foundations and other institutional entities for over 20 years, within the framework set forth under Swiss occupational pension law. To ensure that our solutions are perfectly in line with the unique needs of these entities (for example, regarding risk management and long-term actuarial requirements), we have set up dedicated analytical tools, investment processes and allocation strategies.

These have borne fruit over the years, with considerable returns for our clients. Our occupational pension plan mandate performance histories show that we can deliver sustained results across macro cycles while strictly controlling risk and volatility.

Independent asset managers

The services we provide to our independent asset managers are one of our three main businesses, along with our wealth management services and our investment funds. These clients are a strategic priority at Banque Piguet Galland. Our deep ties to our independent asset managers are founded on the profound respect we have for this profession.

Their approach, like ours, is based on an uncompromising commitment to truly personalised services and solutions, a willingness to be available whenever the client needs us, and a general sense of responsibility towards the client. And they, like us, are focussed on deepening their expertise and providing excellent service quality. That’s why we can provide independent asset managers with the level of rigorous professional service they expect.

Our support for culture


Our partnerships with cultural events encompass both support for established artists and encouragement for promising new voices. This approach informed our 2014 decision to partner with artgenève (Geneva art), a new art exhibition that aims to become a leading platform for contemporary and modern art and design in French-speaking Switzerland.

Insofar as possible, we try to collaborate with Swiss artists and designers. In this spirit, our Pléiades premises were designed and outfitted by the Geneva firm CompactLab and fitted out by Swiss designers Teo Jakob, Philippe Cramer and Vitra.


Banque Piguet Galland is proud to be associated with several of French-speaking Switzerland’s premier musical events and venues, including “l’Heure Bleue”, an exceptional space for acoustic music in la Chaux-de-Fonds in Neuchâtel Canton, and the Orchestra of Yverdon-les-Bains in the Canton of Vaud. We further strengthened our involvement in arts and culture in 2013 with the decision to back the “Lavaux Classique” classical music festival in Vaud. In addition, at the 2014 edition of Lavaux Classique we established the "Coup de Coeur Piguet Galland" prize, which goes to a musician considered to have been especially brilliant in the "Découvertes du Festival" series (an up-and-coming artists series within the festival).


Banque Piguet is an active backer of the local sporting scene, with the main focus being on golf and equestrianism. We feel golf dovetails well with our core values: it’s a difficult pastime, one that hinges on precision and rigor. The “Trophée Piguet Galland” showcases these values every summer, when over 200 golfers gather on the Vuissens course in the Canton of Fribourg to test their skill. In September, we host the “Trophée Golf & Festival Equestre Piguet Galland” in Sion (Valais Canton). We also sponsor the “Jumping International de Verbier” show-jumping tournament, which features three events that count for the world rankings, most notably the Verbier CSI Grand Prix ***.

Sustainable development

We take an original approach to sustainable development at Banque Piguet Galland, where it constitutes a strategic priority. We sponsor the Race for Water Foundation, which focuses its efforts on water conservation and cleaning up marine plastic pollution. We are also part of the CO2-monitor project, which provides simple, everyday steps to help everyone reduce their carbon footprint.

We are committed to building energy conservation into our business. That’s why, in January 2016, we cut the ribbon on the very first Arbre à Vent® (“Wind Tree”), which stands in front of our premises in the Champel neighbourhood of Geneva. This “bio-mimetic” windmill was conceived and built by the Swiss designer Claudio Colucci. Its “leaves” are in fact 63 electricity-generating mini-windmills.


Several times each year we organise events for our clients and investors. These events are devoted to various themes that our experts discuss in detail for the audience. For example, in 2014 we began a series of talks on business succession/sale planning, the “Ateliers de la Transmission d’Entreprises”. These talks have been a great success among entrepreneurs in French-speaking Switzerland. They cover topics ranging from business valuation models to the tax impact of a sale, and take place quarterly in Geneva and Lausanne.

Our CIO Daniel Varela gives twice-yearly presentations on the macroeconomic context and the bank’s investment strategy in Geneva, Lausanne, Yverdon-les-Bains and Neuchâtel.

Our offices


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