Investing in structural trends

2020 has demonstrated how much the world, and our lives, can change in only one year. During this time, the uncertainty has also shown us, how some of the structural trends are here to stay.

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How to invest for the long term ?

Not only the pandemic has not slowed down these secular trends, it has sped up the pace of these fundamental changes in our societies. Examples could be the digital economy, medical innovation or climate change.

These major trends will redefine our world in the decades ahead. They will impact individuals, companies and policies, and will transform the way we do business and live our lives every day.

Why focus on structural trends ?

Businesses that are aligned to these powerful developments will be more resilient throughout the economic cycles, and tend to have higher growth and higher profitability, benefiting from the structural tailwinds.

This is why thematic investing is becoming increasingly popular among investors, as it is the best way to capture these long-term opportunities.

It is also becoming an important tool in portfolio allocation, as a complement to the traditional approach that is purely based on regions or sectors.  It also aims to generate more active performance over time.

Our thematic investments

Over the years, we have developed many thematic investment solutions, devoted to themes such as middle-class growth in Asia, smart cities in Europe, or consumption patterns for Millennials in the US.

Not to mention the sustainable themes like global warming, gender equality or corporate governance.

There should be one, or a selection of themes, that matters to you. So let us know, if we can help you to reflect your interests, and your values, in your investment portfolios. Get in touch with us !



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