Piguet Galland, Best Private Bank Switzerland 2021

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Geneva, 24.11.2021

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Piguet Galland, Best Private Bank Switzerland 2021

Piguet Galland is proud to announce that it has been named “Best Private Bank Switzerland 2021” by International Banker magazine.

International Banker is a quarterly magazine, published in the UK, whose readership consists of finance-industry executives and managers in 80 countries. Each year, it hands out a number of awards; candidates are put forward by the magazine’s readers, who are invited to nominate “worthy” banks that they have had personal experience of working with. The winner is decided by a jury based on quantitative and qualitative information provided by the nominee banks. The Banking Awards recognise financial companies that are able to deliver exceptional service quality while also maintaining a consistently high level of regulatory compliance. The jury looks at aspects such as growth, liquidity and profitability, as well as product innovation, use of IT infrastructure, corporate governance, transparency and sustainability.

For the jury, one of Piguet Galland’s outstanding features was the quality and depth of its product and service offering, which is geared towards ensuring clients’ peace of mind and helping them to achieve their life goals. Piguet Galland has three key areas of expertise: portfolio management for private and institutional clients, lending (primarily mortgage lending), and wealth advisory. This broad expertise enables the Bank to respond effectively to each client’s specific needs, preferences and priorities as it works to forge high-quality, personalised relationships built on trust and security.

Another differentiating factor recognised by the jury was Piguet Galland’s unique structure – that of a boutique private bank focused solely on
the Swiss market and yet backed by a solid majority shareholder.
Piguet Galland is 99.7%-owned by BCV, which is one of the best-rated banks by both Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s. In addition, Global Finance magazine regularly ranks BCV among the 30 safest banks in the world.

“In an increasingly complex, uncertain and fast-changing world, our aim is to zero in on what keeps our clients up at night and to serve as a friendly family doctor looking after their financial health”, says Olivier Calloud, CEO of Piguet Galland. “By drawing on our three areas of expertise, we can take a holistic approach to managing our clients’ wealth and go beyond simply managing their financial assets. This is part of the pledge we make to our clients to bring them peace of mind in all of their wealth management decisions. We are proud to have received this award, which shows that we take a pragmatic, proactve and solutions-based approach to current and future challenges.”


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