The financial consequences of going your separate ways

  • Limiting the financial impact of divorce on the spouses’ respective wealth.
  • Protecting indivisible property effectively.
  • Being fully aware of your rights.
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Getting a divorce will have a significant impact on the property acquired by you and your spouse while you were married. Our experts can help to guide you through what can be a very trying time, and they will focus on limiting the tax consequences of the division of assets. They can also suggest measures you can take ahead of time to ensure that, in the event of divorce, the overall value of your and your spouse’s wealth won’t be reduced when the assets are divided up.

We help you to achieve peace of mind

Swiss law provides for three types of marriage arrangements: jointly acquired property – which is the most common – joint property and separate property. Each of these options has different consequences in the event of divorce. More importantly perhaps, divorced spouses will have to reassess their financial situation and build their wealth separately.

In Switzerland, just over 40% of marriages end in divorce, after around 15 years on average.
Most marriages in Switzerland do not involve a marriage contract and are therefore subject to the default legal arrangement (jointly acquired property).
In Switzerland, one out of ten divorces takes place without the spouses’ mutual consent.

Case study

One of our clients, a business owner, was in the process of getting a divorce. Thanks to our specialists, he was able to maintain control over his company. He structured the company’s capital in such a way that he could hold onto the majority of voting rights and still manage the company. His ex-wife was compensated with a stake in the company on favourable terms. We can help you to make the most of difficult situations.


Who owns what

It’s always a good idea for you and your spouse to draw up an inventory of your property, including when each item was purchased and by whom and if it was before your wedding or while you were married. If you end up getting divorced, this will make it much easier to divide up your assets.

Shared pension assets

When a couple gets divorced, the pension assets that they built up during their marriage are divided equally between the spouses regardless of the marriage arrangement chosen under Swiss law.

Ongoing contracts

Even in the event of divorce, a couple’s mortgage loan and other contractual agreements remain in effect. The ex-spouses remain co-pledgors or co-debtors unless and until they request a change in these contracts.

Property valuations

When real estate is assessed, the market value can be calculated on the basis of the property’s real value, but it can also be weighted for its earnings value.

Here’s how we can help you to achieve your life goals

We will sit down with you and analyse your wealth situation: your finances, your current needs and your life goals. We will then come up with a comprehensive solution aimed at optimising your financial and tax situation.

Piguet Galland
private bankers since 1856

Piguet Galland was created from the merger of two longstanding private banks. As part of BCV Group, we are able to draw on the expertise of a large banking group.

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Piguet Galland appraised for the quality of its services for Swiss clients at the 2023 WealthBriefing Swiss Awards


"Best Swiss Private Bank 2022" by International Banker and "Best Fund" in its category for "Piguet Fund - Pondéré CHF" by the Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards


"Best Swiss Private Bank 2021" by the magazine International Banker

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Creation of the wealth balance sheet for our private clients

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Launch of our new range of mandates

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Evolution of our pension solutions


Implementation of the global asset management approach

Others life goals

Life goal
Safeguarding your children’s future

Safeguarding your children’s future

As you consider what you and your family want to achieve in life, one of your main concerns will be making sure your children get off to a good start. We have unparalleled advisory expertise in this area.

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Life goal
Keeping up your standard of living during retirement

Keeping up your standard of living during retirement

We will advise you on how best to structure your wealth in order to build up your savings prior to retirement. We can, for instance, help you find the right balance between ensuring you have a regular stream of income throughout retirement and keeping long-term reserve capital intact.

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Life goal
Moving to Switzerland or another country

Moving to Switzerland or another country

We draw on our expertise in international financial, tax and administrative matters in order to design an optimal solution for managing your finances and growing your wealth regardless of where you live.

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