Independent asset managers

We work closely with independent asset managers, giving them access to all the services and expertise of a private bank.

Performance Watcher

Performance Watcher est une interface avec laquelle les gestionnaires indépendants pourrons tenir un discours constructif à leurs clients, basé sur la confiance, la transparence, la qualité de service, le contrôle du risque et la recherche de résultats.

Our service offering for independent asset managers

We work in partnership with independent asset managers, ensuring that they have full access to conventional services, such as custodian banking, order execution, mortgage loans, Lombard loans and investment solutions. On top of that, we have expanded our service offering to include pension planning, financial planning, advisory services and innovative reporting tools. Our sophisticated array of services is based on a simple, flexible and competitive fee structure that can be tailored to each client.

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Our international reach

Independent asset managers have access to the same services as our private clients, and our solutions can be tailored to both Swiss and international clients. We have expertise in a number of international markets and therefore cover most of the regions in which our independent asset managers operate, meaning that they can call on us for any and all of their needs.


Independent asset managers are a major growth driver for us. Several senior members of our highly experienced and extremely competent team are dedicated to developing this business. Our focus is on ensuring operational flexibility and swift decision-making.

State of mind

Like us, independent asset managers base their approach on an uncompromising commitment to truly personalised services and solutions, a willingness to be available whenever the client needs them, and a general sense of responsibility towards the client. And they, like us, are focused on deepening their expertise and providing excellent service quality. This shared sense of purpose underpins our excellent working relationship with independent asset managers.

Our approach


We offer state-of-the art management, trading and reporting tools, including Performance Watcher applications. They allow independent asset managers to better understand, assess and compare the risks and returns of the portfolios they manage.

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Independent asset managers can work closely with our Investment Advisory Team in order to develop bespoke investment solutions for their clients.



Our Wealth Advisory Team is also on hand to help independent asset managers draw up a financial plan that covers most aspects of their clients’ wealth, including pension planning.

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