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Piguet Galland: The Emergence of a New Private-Banking Model in Switzerland

Article published in International Banker magazine / Winter 2022.

Investing in structural trends

has demonstrated how much the world, and our lives, can change in only one year. During this time, the uncertainty has also shown us, how some of the structural trends are here to stay.

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Market Insights – November 30, 2020

In November, additional COVID-19 restrictions were brought in across most of Europe, causing economic newsflow to deteriorate. Markets weren’t rattled by this, however, and have instead remained focused on the recent drop in infection rates and the prospect of an effective vaccine…

Divorce: for richer or for poorer, in sickness or in wealth? 3 steps to (re)gain financial freedom after separation

As adults today, we are increasingly likely to face major change: a change in country of residency, a change in professional activity, a change in employer… Yet many of us are unable to anticipate a change which may have a significant impact on our personal finances: divorce.  If you’re one of the many international professionals emerging from the stressful context of the Covid19 pandemic, seemingly enveloped in a gloomy cloud of impending divorce, then take heart; after this period of anxious re-evaluation, it is possible to build the foundations for a new life not only for your inner self, but for your wealth too.

Market Insights – October 19, 2020

Just over 50 S&P 500 companies have now published their earnings, and a solid upward trend is emerg-ing. Just like in the previous quarter, the results are coming in well above the consensus forecasts, which don’t seem to have factored in the uptick in economic growth…

Market Insights-September 21, 2020

Pound sterling is still a good gauge of how the Brexit talks are going. When Boris Johnson decided to overrule part of the Brexit deal, the pound dropped sharply. But it bounced back last week as some headway was made in the UK’s talks with the EU…

Market Insights-September 14, 2020

Confidence indicators are back in neutral territory following two straight weeks of losses on the S&P 500 (and the Nasdaq). However, this consolidation is probably not enough – we think it’s still too early to return to US equities, which re-main over-priced…

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