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Luxury – one of the best stock market sectors since the start of the year

Comments on the luxury sector
Christina Carlsten, Piguet Galland & Cie SA fund analyst and manager

Active management – a real advantage, particularly in times of uncertainty

Credit Suisse’s downfall has not just affected private investors – it’s had an impact on anyone in Switzerland who holds a significant portion of their assets in an occupational pension fund. Pension assets are usually passively managed, which can make them less resilient to sharp declines in share prices.

Comments by Vincent Heyberger, institutional portfolio manager and manager of the Piguet Active Prévoyance funds

USA: are we at the dawn of a new expansionary cycle?

As energy prices ease and the economic slowdown weighs on demand, we could see US inflation normalise at a faster pace in 2023.

Comment by Daniel Steck, analyst and fund manager.


The stars are finally aligned for banks

It wasn’t too long ago that European equities – and especially European banks – were completely off investors’ radars. This was reflected in the extended period of underperformance by European stocks since 2008. Banks have struggled to shed their image as the eurozone’s weakest link, with their reputation tarnished by the many crises affecting the currency bloc. This has also led to a massive underperformance in equity markets.

Comment by our analyst and fund manager, Christina Carlsten.


Best wishes 2023

The year is coming to an end and we wanted to share with you one of our very special “client meetings”…

China – the last reopening

Much like investor sentiment, Asian markets have been on a rollercoaster ride in recent weeks. The stock market capitulation after President Xi’s consolidation of power at the Party Congress quickly turned into euphoria, fuelled by hopes of a reopening. Is it too late to participate in this rally?

Commentary by our Asian market analyst and fund manager, Ed Yau.

Swiss economy – as solid as a rock

Most industrialised countries currently face a bleak outlook, with recessionary fears, soaring inflation and weak economic indicators. Switzerland, however, stands out from the crowd because its economy is once again doing quite well. Comment by our fund analyst and Swiss market specialist Daniel Steck.

London calling!

The UK’s flagship index – the FTSE 100 – has risen recently even though the Conservative Party is about to elect a new leader and inflationary pressures continue to build up. Below, our analyst and fund manager, Christina Carlsten, takes stock of the situation for the UK economy both now and going forward.

Rising interest rates: what impact on bond markets?

Bond markets have corrected sharply in response to central banks’ rate hikes, but yields have also rebounded considerably. This means there are some new, much-awaited investment opportunities, especially on the US and Swiss markets.

China: ready to jumpstart its economy

By introducing a series of drastic measures in response to the Omicron variant, Beijing has caused an unprecedented shock to the Chinese economy – one that is even greater than experienced in early 2020. The economic outlook is so bleak that it could turn out to be positive for the country’s stock market. Our fund manager, Ed Yau, tells us more.

The SNB has started turning the page on negative interest rates

Central bankers have certainly been busy these past few days. The European Central Bank (ECB) got the ball rolling last week by announcing that it would start raising interest rates at its July meeting. Then yesterday, the US Federal Reserve upped the ante by lifting its policy rate by 75 basis points, a greater increase than expected. Now it appears the Swiss National Bank (SNB) also wants to join in on the global rush to tighten monetary policy. This morning it announced a half-point rise in its benchmark rate, bringing it from –0.75% to –0.25%. Message from our CIO, Daniel Varela.

What if you changed your country of residence?

Vanessa Neil, Wealth Advisor at Piguet Galland was the guest on World Radio Switzerland on Monday 13 June 2022 to talk about mobility and wealth.

Do you want to leave Switzerland or move to Switzerland? Do you want to change your life and your place of residence? So what are the key points to bear in mind in order to protect your assets and put all the chances on your side?

Piguet Galland: The Emergence of a New Private-Banking Model in Switzerland

Article published in International Banker magazine / Winter 2022.

Investing in structural trends

has demonstrated how much the world, and our lives, can change in only one year. During this time, the uncertainty has also shown us, how some of the structural trends are here to stay.

Find out more about our certificate : “Piguet Galland Méga-tendances”.

Market Insights – November 30, 2020

In November, additional COVID-19 restrictions were brought in across most of Europe, causing economic newsflow to deteriorate. Markets weren’t rattled by this, however, and have instead remained focused on the recent drop in infection rates and the prospect of an effective vaccine…

Divorce: for richer or for poorer, in sickness or in wealth? 3 steps to (re)gain financial freedom after separation

As adults today, we are increasingly likely to face major change: a change in country of residency, a change in professional activity, a change in employer… Yet many of us are unable to anticipate a change which may have a significant impact on our personal finances: divorce.  If you’re one of the many international professionals emerging from the stressful context of the Covid19 pandemic, seemingly enveloped in a gloomy cloud of impending divorce, then take heart; after this period of anxious re-evaluation, it is possible to build the foundations for a new life not only for your inner self, but for your wealth too.

Market Insights – October 19, 2020

Just over 50 S&P 500 companies have now published their earnings, and a solid upward trend is emerg-ing. Just like in the previous quarter, the results are coming in well above the consensus forecasts, which don’t seem to have factored in the uptick in economic growth…

Market Insights-September 21, 2020

Pound sterling is still a good gauge of how the Brexit talks are going. When Boris Johnson decided to overrule part of the Brexit deal, the pound dropped sharply. But it bounced back last week as some headway was made in the UK’s talks with the EU…

Market Insights-September 14, 2020

Confidence indicators are back in neutral territory following two straight weeks of losses on the S&P 500 (and the Nasdaq). However, this consolidation is probably not enough – we think it’s still too early to return to US equities, which re-main over-priced…

Information for our customers

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Investment strategy – 1st quarter 2020

The dollar tends to fall when growth is accelerating at a slower pace in the USA than it is elsewhere in the world. The economic recovery will be driven first and foremost by emerging markets, particularly those in Asia…

Season’s greetings 2019

If thas was part of your life, then preparing for your retirement should be among of your good resolutions for 2020.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year !

Use the wisdom of the ancient Greeks to optimise your wealth

Chronos and Kairos are two concepts of time used by the ancient Greeks; the former refers of course to chronological time, the latter to seizing the opportune moment (that which often eludes us in our busy lives today)…

Leaving your job ? What should you do ?

When suffering a setback in personal or professional circumstances, the initial reaction is to look back and ask “WHY?” during sleepless nights, with no answer… Looking to the future and asking “HOW?” is the key to your resilience; there are indeed ideal solutions for you, we can help you find them, so that the silver lining will soon reveal itself through cloudy skies.

3 steps to Protect, Restructure and Reinforce your finances in challenging times

If there are times when you feel overwhelmed by unwelcome changes in your life (facing redundancy, losing a loved one, separation or divorce…), then read on… strengthening your financial resilience may be the key to surviving, and even thriving, through personal or professional challenges.

Climate Action, a sustainable investment solution

Climate change will have potentially irreversible impacts on the planet. The stakes are enormous and it is essential that each of us participate in efforts to avoid environmental disasters for future generations. Massive investments are needed to fight global warming and companies positioned to adapt to these changes represent unique investment opportunities.

Geneva banker: ‘Independence is more important than portfolio management’

‘People care so much because it is their business. If it is yours you want to beat the competition and be the best. If you are small either you are good or you die.’

Regarding an opening up of private equity

The ongoing search for high yields has drawn investors to the potential of private equity, whose key players have historically outperformed the market.

Market Insights – January 29th, 2019

The longest-ever US government shutdown has come to an end after 35 days. A special committee now has three weeks to negotiate a se-curity plan for the country’s south-ern border.

Wealth management – a smart way to boost your occupational pension

If you have an occupational pension, you need to find out what impact the reduction in the conversion rate will have on your retirement. If the conversion rate is lowered to 6%, for instance, this would reduce your annual pension by around 12%. So what can you do to make up for this shortfall?

What is the right amount to borrow?

Three ways to make the most of low interest rates

A F@#kup night at Piguet Galland

Behind every succes lies a multitude of failures.

Investment strategy 2nd quarter 2018

Switzerland : Investors are wrong to abandon the SMI.
Alternative funds : Back to the future

Retirement: For Better or Worse?

5 questions to women in order to improve their financial wellness for a happy retirement.
Article by Vanessa Neil

Smart Cities : equity certificate

In recent years, the concept of smart cities has really taken off. This is primarily due to large-scale urbanisation, which raises numerous challenges in terms of sustainable development and quality of life.
It will generate interesting investment opportunities. Christina Carlsten tells us more.

Six tips for a successful retirement

Follow our advice to optimise your wealth and save on your taxes.

The Swiss market’s high ethical standing

Swiss companies fare very well when it comes to sustainable development and environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria. This makes them more attractive to investors, who are increasingly sensitive to these issues.

Six rules for worry-free investing

When you invest, always keep the following rules in mind.