Moving to Switzerland or another country

– Understanding the legal and administrative implications of living abroad,
– Making the most of any tax advantages in the country you plan to move to,
– Safeguarding your wealth when you are abroad.

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We draw on our expertise in international financial, tax and administrative matters in order to design an optimal solution for managing your finances and growing your wealth regardless of where you live. To take but one example, we will factor local tax law into your investment and financial planning choices, to ensure you’re happy with the results down the line.

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More than 750,000 Swiss people live in another country, and over two million foreigners call Switzerland home. If your aim is to move out of Switzerland – or to move here, for personal or professional reasons – we will help you navigate the onerous process of changing your residence from one country to another. We can also provide much-needed support in optimising your financial situation in your new country. This may include helping you purchase a primary residence, join a pension fund or secure tax-free status for part of your income.

4557 = 821 million
At the end of 2018, there were 4,557 lump-sum taxpayers in Switzerland with a total tax revenue of 821 million.
At the end of 2021, this was the average Swiss-franc amount in annual taxes paid by individuals subject to expenditure-based taxation.
There two types of pension system in Switzerland: social security (AVS) is a pay-as-you-go system, while occupational and private pension plans are fully funded.

Case study

A high-level executive at a multinational company was transferred to Switzerland and came to us for assistance. We focused on his occupational and private pension policies. Looking at his situation from a medium-term perspective, we started with the fact that people are not always able to take all their company pension assets with them if they eventually leave Switzerland. They cannot be touched until five years before the retirement age stipulated in social-security law. The same is not true for private-pension assets, which can be fully cashed out if the policyholder moves out of Switzerland. This information made the executive’s arrival in Switzerland even easier.

S'installer en Suisse ou à l'étranger.

Planning ahead

If you have lived in different countries, you may end up having assets in each of them, and the tax treatment will vary when it comes to estate planning.

Capital gains

In Switzerland, capital gains are not taxed – one more reason for entrepreneurs to move their company here. This exemption applies to capital gains on the sale of shares held in limited liability companies (Sàrl) and corporations (SA).

Insurance for Swiss expatriates

Depending on their country of residence, Swiss people living abroad may benefit from taking out a life insurance policy with a Luxembourg-based insurer. Such policies may offer advantages in terms of taxes, estate planning and capital protection.

Swiss tax system

The Swiss tax system offers a number of advantages but also has its own complexities, ranging from the type of permit you hold to canton-specific tax rules. We know this system like the back of our hand, and we can help you to minimize your tax bill.

Here’s how we can help you to achieve your life goals

We will sit down with you and analyse your wealth situation: your finances, your current needs and your life goals. We will then come up with a comprehensive solution aimed at optimising your financial and tax situation.

Piguet Galland
private bankers since 1856

Piguet Galland was created from the merger of two longstanding private banks. As part of BCV Group, we are able to draw on the expertise of a large banking group.

piguet-galland-private-bank-Best HNW-Team-Swiss-Domestic-Clients-wealth-briefing-award-meilleure-banque-privee

Piguet Galland appraised for the quality of its services for Swiss clients at the 2023 WealthBriefing Swiss Awards


"Best Swiss Private Bank 2022" by International Banker and "Best Fund" in its category for "Piguet Fund - Pondéré CHF" by the Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards


"Best Swiss Private Bank 2021" by the magazine International Banker

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Creation of the wealth balance sheet for our private clients

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Launch of our new range of mandates

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Evolution of our pension solutions


Implementation of the global asset management approach

Others life goals

Life goal
Buying a home or expanding your property portfolio

Buying a home or expanding your property portfolio

Is an all-cash transaction the right choice? Or would a mortgage loan be more appropriate? Together, we will go through all of the many factors that need to be carefully considered and help you sort through the various options and the complexities

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Life goal
Keeping up your standard of living during retirement

Keeping up your standard of living during retirement

We will advise you on how best to structure your wealth in order to build up your savings prior to retirement. We can, for instance, help you find the right balance between ensuring you have a regular stream of income throughout retirement and keeping long-term reserve capital intact.

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Life goal
Optimising the financial aspects of your company

Optimising the financial aspects of your company

Our experts can help your company to achieve its full potential. Working together with outside experts as necessary, they will help you to set up the right financial structure and optimise its tax situation.

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