Optimising the financial aspects of your company

  • Making the most of corporate tax advantages.
  • Choosing the right name for your company.
  • Putting your surplus cash to work.
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Our experts can help your company to achieve its full potential. Working together with outside experts as necessary, they will help you to set up the right financial structure and optimise its tax situation. One of the ways of doing this is through pension plans, which offer a number of advantages. If done properly, both occupational and personal pension plans can provide a significant boost to your company’s accounts and your own finances.

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Our task is to provide you with the support you need in optimising your company’s finances, and yours too. Since this is probably not your area of expertise, you may not give it your full attention. Occupational pension funds offer a variety of tax advantages and can help you build up your wealth. And knowing that your wealth is properly managed, you can work confidently towards retirement.

Federal income tax is levied on 60% of the amount of any dividends received. But in many cases, it makes more sense to pay a higher salary, which is insured through your occupational pension. You can then use the increase in income to make voluntary – and tax-deductible – contributions to your pension plan.
Switzerland’s 156,000 companies hold a total of 120 billion Swiss francs in occupational pension assets.
The Canton of Geneva is looking to reduce its effective corporate tax rate from 24.1% to 13.5%, while the Canton of Vaud aims to cut its rate from 21.6% to 13.8%.

Case study

Our client changed the legal structure of her communications agency from a sole proprietorship to a limited liability company (Sàrl). By changing her company name in time, she was able to avoid being taxed on the capital gain when she eventually sells it. With the new company name, she will be able to increase her retirement savings by more than 600,000 Swiss francs. The future looks bright for this entrepreneur.

Fashion designer

Key employees

There are a number of financial and tax-related incentives you can use to reward the employees you really count on.

Salary advantages

In some cases it may make sense to pay dividends. But salary-related compensation, with its tax advantages, should be your starting point.

Creating loyalty

The pension plan you set up for your employees can take account of varying levels of salary and seniority


Sole proprietorships enjoy several tax advantages following the latest corporate tax reform. But capital gains realised on the sale of a sole proprietorship are not tax-exempt. They are considered personal income and taxed as such. The owner must also make social security payments on that income. This is not true of capital gains on the sale of shares in a limited liability company (Sàrl) or a corporation (SA).

Here’s how we can help you to achieve your life goals

We will sit down with you and analyse your wealth situation: your finances, your current needs and your life goals. We will then come up with a comprehensive solution aimed at optimising your financial and tax situation.

Piguet Galland
private bankers since 1856

Piguet Galland was created from the merger of two longstanding private banks. As part of BCV Group, we are able to draw on the expertise of a large banking group.


Our teams move to our new Pléiades building in Geneva.


BCV Group buys Banque Franck, Galland & Cie SA.

Banque Franck acquires Banque Galland in Lausanne and becomes Franck, Galland & Cie SA.


Banque Cantonale Vaudoise takes a majority stake in Banque Piguet & Cie, which is then incorporated.

Mobilier conçu dans les années 30 et dessiné par Franck Lloyd Wright

Alain Franck fonde la Banque Franck à Genève.

Banque Galland

Alfred Galland founds Galland & Landis in Lausanne.

Banque Piguet

Alfred Piguet marries Louis Michod's daughter, and Banque Michod becomes Banque Alfred Piguet & Cie.


Banque Michod, the first private bank in Yverdon-les-Bains, is founded.

Others life goals

Life goal
Business succession

Business succession

As a business owner, you seek to create value through recurring revenues and, eventually, by selling your company for a profit.

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Life goal
Keeping up your standard of living during retirement

Keeping up your standard of living during retirement

We will advise you on how best to structure your wealth in order to build up your savings prior to retirement. We can, for instance, help you find the right balance between ensuring you have a regular stream of income throughout retirement and keeping long-term reserve capital intact.

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Life goal
Moving to Switzerland or another country

Moving to Switzerland or another country

We draw on our expertise in international financial, tax and administrative matters in order to design an optimal solution for managing your finances and growing your wealth regardless of where you live.

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