Whatever your needs, we are here to help. We offer short-, medium- and long-term mortgage loans secured against a primary or secondary residence in Switzerland. We also offer Lombard loans.

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Investments The 08 March 2018

Follow our advice to optimise your wealth and save on your taxes.

A 360° analysis

We will sit down with you to determine the best financing solution in view of your overall financial situation and the impact the investment – most commonly the purchase of a property – will have on the structure of your wealth. Together, we will go through all of the many factors that need to be carefully considered. Is an all-cash transaction the right choice? Or would a mortgage loan or a Lombard loan be more appropriate? We can help you sort through the various options and the complexities, making sure that nothing has been overlooked and that you have planned for every eventuality.

A strategic approach

We are one of only a handful of private banks that offer mortgage loans and Lombard loans. For us, it’s about more than simply providing you with a financing solution – we want to make sure that the option you choose is perfectly aligned with your overall wealth management strategy. It is essential, for example, that your loans do not prevent your capital from growing and that you will be able to maintain the same quality of life once you retire.

Flexible solutions

We offer fixed-rate, variable-rate and indexed mortgage loans with various terms. This means we can tailor our financing to your needs, while at the same time taking into account the overall economic context in accordance with the views of our investment management committee.

Given the risks involved in property investments, our experts will be on hand to ensure that the amount of your loans and the related expenses do not exceed your borrowing capacity.

Access to cash

Lombard loans are credit facilities granted against readily marketable collateral such as a portfolio of securities. These loans give you flexible access to cash on attractive terms. As with our mortgage loans, we can tailor our Lombard loans to your particular situation.

In Switzerland, 38% of households own their home, although this figure varies considerably by canton. This is one of the lowest levels of home ownership in Europe.
The vacancy rate in Switzerland reached 1.30% at 1 June 2016, a level not seen since the early 2000s. Given the number of ongoing and scheduled property development projects, this rate looks set to rise further even though the Swiss market is stabilising.
Swiss property prices have risen constantly for the past 17 years. The market is now losing steam, with prices starting to fall in some regions and market segments.
Fewer than one in three Swiss residents live in a single-family home. This type of building represents 57% of all residential property, a figure that has been declining since 2010.

En complément du travail d’analyse mené sur les stratégies de financement, nous proposons également à nos clients des mesures de rentabilité très avancées et des schémas d’optimisation fiscale à multiples options.

As part of our 360° approach to managing your wealth, we offer a variety of lending solutions for the purchase of residential rental properties.

You can choose the term of your Lombard loans based on your needs. These loans are granted in the form of either a current account credit limit or fixed-term advances with a set interest rate. The amount of the credit limit will depend on the value of the assets pledged as collateral.

If you are taking out a mortgage loan on a primary or secondary residence or a rental property, you can pledge any assets you may have in a personal retirement plan as collateral. You can also do the same for commercial loans.

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