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Six rules for worry-free investing
Piguet GallandInvestments The 08 March 2018

When you invest, always keep the following rules in mind.

A consistent performance to ensure your peace of mind

We have consistently delivered very good returns for our clients over the long term. Our rigorous analytical tools, investment processes and asset allocation strategies enable us to steer clear of any fleeting trends.

Proven management expertise

We’ve proven that it’s possible to deliver consistently high returns over the long term. With us, our clients get a pledge of performance, backed by several cycles of solid results combined with strict management of both risks and volatility

Solid returns from award-winning funds

We have had our own range of in-house investment funds for more than 20 years. These simple yet reliable funds meet essential diversification, liquidity and risk management criteria and cover a very broad investment universe. Several of our funds have received awards for the quality of their management, as they regularly outperform their benchmark indexes.

Truly made-to-measure investment strategies

The investment strategies and models that we apply to your portfolio will be completely customised and take full consideration of your financial knowledge and risk tolerance. It is our job to ensure that all investment decisions and solutions will actively improve your overall financial situation.

Our conviction-based management style has not fundamentally changed in recent years. We have remained both disciplined and consistent over time, which is why we have successfully weathered two major financial crises.
Daniel Varela, Chief Investment Officer

Seven areas of expertise

Investment Advisory

Investment Advisory

Our experts design and implement bespoke investment solutions for more complex portfolios. Our advisory service focuses on building, optimising and monitoring the positions in your portfolio while also actively managing risk.

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Our investment policy

We take an active approach, which means that we sometimes adopt strategies or take positions that differ significantly from the consensus or the benchmark index.

Institutional asset management

We manage assets for pension funds, insurance companies, foundations and other institutional investors. Our management mandates are designed to deliver solid returns over the long term and keep a firm grip on risk.

Investment funds

Our funds generate solid results thanks primarily to our rigorous approach to managing risk and volatility – we only invest in risk assets if they are very attractively priced.

Discretionary wealth management

You can entrust the management of your portfolio to us. Through our rigorous and dynamic investment process, we will carefully determine the right tactical allocation for your portfolio and hand-pick securities and funds based on your risk tolerance and overall financial situation.

Alternative investments

We use alternative investments to further enhance portfolio diversification and obtain an optimal risk-return payoff. These types of investments offer the advantage of being weakly correlated with more conventional asset classes.

Third-party funds and managers

To round off our own in-house investment expertise, we carefully – and independently – select third-party investment vehicles, particularly for far-off regions or niche markets.


Order-execution policy


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Institutional clients

Institutional clients

We manage assets for pension funds, insurance companies, foundations and other institutional investors. Our management mandates are designed to deliver solid returns over the long term and keep a firm grip on risk.

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Independent asset managers

We work closely with independent asset managers, giving them access to all the services and expertise of a private bank.

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Learn more about our funds

Piguet Fund - Actions Suisse - CHF

Piguet Fund - Actions Suisse - CHF

The aim of this fund is to generate long-term capital growth using a seamless investment process that combines top-down analysis and bottom-up selection. The fund manager identifies the most promising trends and themes and then selects the stocks that offer the highest upside at the best price. The portfolio is limited to around 20 stocks, including both SMI blue chips and small and mid caps. The growth potential of small and mid caps is often underestimated, which means they can add significant value to the fund. The fund may also invest in third-party funds, derivative instruments and cash equivalents in order to reduce volatility and harness opportunities. It offers daily liquidity.

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Piguet Fund - Actions Japon - JPY

This Swiss-registered fund invests in Japanese equities and carefully selected investment funds. Derivative instruments such as futures and options, together with convertibles, may also be used. It offers daily liquidity.

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Piguet Fund - Actions Pan-Europe

This fund invests in European equities and carefully selected investment funds. Related instruments such as options, warrants and convertibles may also be used. It offers daily liquidity.

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Our holistic wealth management approach is built on four pillars: investment, wealth advisory, pension planning and financing.

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