With an Active advisory management mandate, you will work directly with our Investment Advisory team.

Smart Cities : equity certificate

In recent years, the concept of smart cities has really taken off. This is primarily due to large-scale urbanisation, which raises numerous challenges in terms of sustainable development and quality of life. It will generate interesting investment opportunities. Christina Carlsten tells us more.

Our experts will put together a bespoke investment strategy, providing you with comprehensive investment advice and sophisticated solutions.

+ ease in decision-making

You will get an immediate analysis of market events from our dedicated investment specialists, making your decision-making easier.

+ peace of mind

You delegate the monitoring of your investments, giving you more time to achieve your life goals.

+ impartiality

Our investment specialists do not receive any compensation based on business volumes.

+ creativity

We propose personalised investment solutions that go off the beaten track and are in keeping with your world view.

+ high-quality dialogue

Our relationship will be built around and adapted to your interests and availability.

+ performance

The vast majority of our investment proposals beat their benchmark and deliver solid positive returns.


hours a week are dedicated exclusively to your portfolio.
targeted investment ideas can be proposed to you every week.
We are 100% focused on delivering returns on your portfolio, and we have zero interest in forcing you to take certain solutions on board.
of our satellite ideas deliver positive returns.
of our thematic solutions beat their benchmark.
Advisory team
Active Advisory makes the most of your investments. Our aim is to devise a tailor-made investment strategy so that you have the money you need to achieve your life goals.
Charles Chardonnens, Head of Investment Advisory

Our Investment Advisory team is backed by a highly skilled and experienced research team.

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