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We take an integrated 360° approach to managing and optimising your wealth, one that places particular emphasis on tax and financial planning.

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3 steps to Protect, Restructure and Reinforce your finances in challenging times
Piguet GallandPension planning The 29 August 2019

If there are times when you feel overwhelmed by unwelcome changes in your life (facing redundancy, losing a loved one, separation or divorce…), then read on... strengthening your financial resilience may be the key to surviving, and even thriving, through personal or professional challenges.

Our 360° approach

As your wealth manager, it is our job to help you build up and structure your wealth, so that you’re prepared and confident through life’s twists and turns.  We go far beyond simply managing your invested assets, viewing your situation from every angle and drawing on our broad expertise in all aspects of wealth management. This cross-disciplinary approach encompasses all the dimensions of your wealth, from real estate financing to pension plans and financial planning.

A service-oriented approach

At Piguet Galland, our 360° approach is our hallmark. We focus on the services – rather than the products – we can offer you. After all, we can’t manage your investment portfolio effectively and optimally structure your wealth unless we take into consideration your pension plan and your property investments as well. Your investment portfolio is the most liquid portion of your wealth – it can therefore be tweaked on a daily basis to ensure that it is truly working to grow your wealth as a whole.

Guiding principles

We are guided by four principles in all that we do for our clients: we want to ensure that your financial future is secure, that your liquidity needs are always met, that you have optimal pension coverage with all the related tax savings, and that your portfolio is managed in a tax-efficient manner.

Leveraging your assets

We focus on two main ways of growing your wealth: portfolio management and retirement planning. For the former, our investment management team has an excellent track record. For the latter, the various pension solutions available offer a number of ways to considerably reduce the tax you pay on either your capital-related income or your professional income, thereby helping you to increase your wealth.

Our sophisticated approach means that we manage your wealth like we would manage a company's finances, assembling a financial management team whose aim is to create value for you.
Olivier Calloud, CEO of Piguet Galland

Our approach


All of the assets that make up your wealth differ in terms of their expected return, risk, tax impact and liquidity. By analysing all aspects of your wealth, we can improve the structure of your portfolio, identify investment opportunities and optimise financing, pension and tax arrangements.


We take a 360° approach to managing your wealth. This broad-based method enables us to deliver substantial gains over time. We seek, for example, to strike the right balance between the various assets making up your wealth. Each component should have its place, in terms of the returns it generates or the tax savings it brings.


We place particular emphasis on managing your financial assets and optimising your pensions plans. They are the most liquid aspects of your portfolio – they are easier to adjust as your needs change or your strategy evolves.


Over the last decade, financial markets have really shown just how unreliable they can be in terms of the returns they deliver. It has therefore become essential to incorporate other solutions into your wealth management strategy, such as the many pension-related options available.

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