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When was the last time you seriously thought about what will happen to your wealth once you’re gone?

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Market Insights - January 10, 2022

After correcting in 2021, Asia's tech stocks have remained volatile so far in 2022, hit by fears of rate hikes in the US. The Hang Seng TECH Index lost more than 6% in the first three days of trading, then quickly rallied. Its year-to-date decline now stands at less than 1%...

Estate planning is another key aspect of wealth planning – it’s never too early to prepare for the unexpected. 


Too few people prepare for what will happen to their estate after they’re gone. If you don’t have anything in place, your estate will be divided up in accordance with legal requirements rather than your wishes. But under Swiss inheritance law, you have some leeway in determining how to distribute your estate.


Through estate planning, you can rest assured that your wealth will be divided up according to your desires or those of your loved ones – which has the added benefit of helping to prevent conflicts between your heirs. Proper estate planning also takes into account whether some of your heirs or assets are located abroad. This is essential to avoid any mishaps, especially from a tax perspective.


In-depth knowledge of legal and tax rules are needed to ensure optimal planning – and that’s where we come in. Our specialists will help you to clarify your wishes, ensure they are legally viable and help you to put in place the necessary provisions.


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