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How can I get the most out of my vested pension benefits?

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The 01 March 2018

Vested benefit policies

— Are you leaving Switzerland permanently and looking to keep your pension savings in a tax-efficient vehicle?

— Are you stopping work permanently or taking some time off?

— Are you about to become self-employed and don't plan to use your retirement savings to set up your sole proprietorship?

Secure your retirement savings

Your vested benefits are the accumulated retirement savings that are paid out when you leave your pension fund. You will be required to transfer your vested benefits to a vested benefits foundation if your savings cannot be fully transferred to a new pension fund. This may be because you are no longer gainfully employed (such as if you are in training, going abroad for some time or become unemployed) or because you are setting yourself up as self-employed, getting divorced or permanently leaving Switzerland.

Whatever your risk profile, we offer a number of strategy-linked investment solutions that follow our in-house investment approach and meet the requirements set out under Swiss occupational pension law. This will allow you to dovetail the management of your retirement savings with that of your personal wealth in order to optimise your tax situation.

We work with the Liberty Foundation for Vested Pension Benefits, which has its head office in the canton of Schwyz and offers numerous tax advantages.

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