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Corporate Social

Having a positive impact on all our stakeholders by taking genuine action is what drives us.

Corporate culture

Sustainability combines belief and commitment

Our corporate social responsibility is reflected in every decision we make, our vision, our values, and the DNA of Piguet Galland. What we do for our customers, we also do for all our stakeholders.


  • Vision

    We contribute to our client's happiness by helping them realise their life projects.

  • Mission

    Match your assets to your life plans.

  • Values

    Integrity and teamwork are at the heart of what we do. Creating value with enthusiasm and commitment is what drives us.

  • Responsibility

    Making a positive contribution to our employee's lives, our company's future and the quality of the environment.

  • Commitment

    Companies have an important role to play. We do, too. As a corporate citizen, we must do our part and contribute responsibly to promoting solutions that will help us all work together to create a sustainable future.


Our commitments to our employees, customers and stakeholders are the foundation on which we build our bank. We aim to create a harmonious environment where everyone can contribute to our shared success and build a sustainable future.

A committed bank

From words to acts

Our CSR strategy is based on three pillars. The first is based on our driving forces, our employees, who embody our vision. The second is to invest in and support our clients by integrating sustainability criteria and methodology into our management practices. The third concerns our community with whom we interact daily: our communities, partners, the environment and society.

  • Nos Collaborateurs
    Nos Collaborateurs
    Nos Collaborateurs

    Our staff

    Fulfilled and committed employees are the key to our collective success. We are building a dynamic company by encouraging their contribution and fostering a stimulating working environment.

    • Sens & Utilité
      Meaning & Utility

      We want to give meaning to our employees' work by enabling them to understand their contribution to the Bank's mission fully.

    • Diversité & Equité
      Diversity & Equity

      We guarantee equal treatment and promote profile diversity. Our inclusive and respectful culture enables every employee to achieve their full potential, whatever their origins, skills or background. Together, we form a strong and balanced team united in the richness of our differences.

    • Employabilité & Autonomie
      Employability & Independance

      We are committed to acting with integrity in all our dealings and offering you complete transparency in our financial services and exemplary risk management. The trust you place in us is paramount, and we cultivate it daily.

    • Respect & Confiance
      Respect & Trust

      We treat each of our employees with respect and consideration, fostering a caring work environment where everyone feels valued and listened to. We believe that mutual trust is the key to achieving great things.

    • Santé & Bien-être
      Health & Wellbeing

      We care for our employees' physical and mental well-being, making work-life balance more manageable.

  • Nos clients
    Nos clients
    Nos clients
    Nos clients

    Our clients and all our stakeholders

    We aim to build trusting relationships with you, hand in hand because you are an essential part of our success.

    • Une offre durable
      A sustainable offer

      When managing our portfolios and investment solutions, we consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors.

    • Impact environnemental
      Environmental impact

      We consider social and environmental impact in each of our management and investment decisions so that our business and values align with the environment in which we operate.

    • Ethique & Transparence
      Ethics & Transparency

      We are committed to acting with integrity in all our dealings and offering complete transparency in our financial services and exemplary risk management. The trust you place in us is paramount, and we cultivate it daily.

    • Profitabilité & Croissance
      Profitability & Growth

      We aim for controlled growth and profitability, respecting our customers and stakeholders.

    • Soutien à nos communautés locales
      Supporting local communities

      We actively support social and cultural initiatives, investing in local projects that stimulate our regions' cultural and socio-economic development.

Notre rapport RSE

Our CSR report

Learn more by reading our detailed analysis of our actions in favour of society, the environment, our employees, our customers and our stakeholders. Our approach is transparent, highlighting our strengths, progress, and challenges.


“In an increasingly complex, uncertain and volatile world, we promise to give our clients peace of mind regarding their asset management decisions. As a local player, we are keen to extend this commitment to our employees, the future of our society and the quality of the environment by taking genuine action.”

Olivier Calloud CEO Piguet Galland & Cie SA


A responsible and sustainable approach to management

We consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors when managing our portfolios and investment solutions.

  • Exclusion

    Exclude controversial activities

    Exclude companies that generate a significant proportion of their sales from controversial activities.

  • Investissement

    Targeted thematic investments

    Invest in sustainable development with our thematic certificates.

  • Concept

    The concept of "dual materiality"

    Favour companies based on a 'best-in-class' approach regarding ESG risks and promote investments that positively contribute to the environment and society.

Our approach to responsible and sustainable management

Financial and non-financial criteria

Investment analysis is not limited to financial considerations but also social and environmental factors. This is a way of investing responsibly by taking account of broader impacts.

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From words to acts

We are committed to supporting local activities and initiatives that benefit our employees, the future of our company and the environment.


We support culture

We actively support cultural initiatives and artistic events, helping to promote creative expression and access to culture for all.


We support companies

Through social and charitable projects such as Spitex-Mobile, Eco-Schools, Young Reporters for the Environment, Fondation Partage and Zoé4life, including one day of voluntary work per employee per year, our commitment to society comes to life, creating a positive and lasting impact.


We support the environment

Being a B Corp means aligning our business and values with the environment in which we operate. From Swiss Boards for Agenda 2030 and Swiss Trimple Impact (STI) to local community action and a carbon footprint, we are committed to being part of the solution.


We support our employees

Our employees are our driving force, and we do everything we can to support and develop them.

L’Arbre à Vent®

In January 2016, Piguet Galland inaugurated the Arbre à Vent® in Switzerland, an innovative wind energy system shaped like a tree. Each leaf, named "Aeroleaf®", captures turbulent winds over 360° to produce electricity silently. An innovation that combines art and sustainable development, combining small Watts to make kW.